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From a local glue manufacturer to a family-owned business that operates world-wide

Since the founding of our company in 1893 we have been leaving our mark on the history of leading-edge grinding equipment by introducing countless innovations. Our high-speed cutting-off wheels and grinding discs and our abrasive mop wheels and abrasive mop discs are only a few examples of major abrasive products that we managed to develop and successfully brought to market.

1893 Johannes Friedrich Klingspor sets off on his own and starts a family business
1893 Johannes Friedrich Klingspor sets off on his own and starts a family business.
1899 The company begins developing and
manufacturing abrasives
1926 Klingspor produces Europe's first waterproof abrasive paper
1926 Klingspor produces Europe's first waterproof abrasive paper
1950 The high-speed Kronenflex® cutting-off wheel is invented.
1950 The high-speed Kronenflex® cutting-off
wheel is invented.
1972 witnesses the introduction of the then ground-breaking abrasive mop disc
1978 Klingspor establishes a subsidiary in the United States - the company's first outside of Europe.
1996 The first international production facility is completed in Poland.
2003 Klingspor GmbH is converted into Klingspor AG.
The new plant for Klingspor diamond tools opens its doors. The new plant for Klingspor diamond tools opens its doors.
Klingspor celebrates their 125th anniversary Klingspor celebrates
their 125th anniversary

Corporate principles

Klingspor is an internationally organised, efficient, and innovative family company involved in the business of tools for surface treatment and shaping by means of abrasion. Our main businesses are coated abrasives, and cutting and grinding discs.

Our number one goal is the satisfaction of our customers. In order to guarantee this, we base our entrepreneurial decisions on the following maxims:

▶ Constant high efficiency of our products

With our “Klingspor” and “Kronenflex” brand products, which are highly competitive in terms of quality and price, we strive for a position amongst the leading providers in the major industrial countries.

Our suppliers and service providers are partners in the market. We place on them the same quality and environmental standards as on ourselves.

▶ Qualified technical advice to our customers for the optimisation of their grinding processes

We provide fair, individualised, and personal support, as well as a reliable logistics supply. They receive a price optimised for the performance of the respective product.

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▶ Maximum industrial safety for the user of our products

We commit ourselves to continual improvement of our processes and products. Our aim is “zero defects”.

▶ A process-oriented Klingspor management system which includes the areas of quality, the environment, and industrial safety

We have committed ourselves to sustained environmental protection. We want to use material resources sparingly and to make their use more efficient through permanent improvements.

Within the options available to our company, we do everything so that our products and processes affect the users and the environment as little as possible. In our production processes, we lastingly reduce the energy consumption and the CO2 emission for every product manufactured.

Our workplaces fulfil the legal requirements for ergonomics and industrial safety.

All employees are themselves responsible for the quality of their work.

Tidiness and cleanliness at all workplaces are prerequisites for safe, high quality work.

▶ Maximally qualified and performance-motivated employees in order to achieve our goals

Klingspor wishes to be a reliable and attractive employer.

Klingspor supports the requirements relating to the social responsibility of international companies and the values upon which they rest.

The relationship between employees and management is characterised by trust and mutual respect. Every employee should experience that his performance is needed, and that the quality of his work is appreciated.

Superiors have a role model function. Through suitable selection, training, and management of personnel, every manager is responsible for the efficiency and motivation of his employees.

The stepwise transfer of tasks, skills, and responsibility to employees makes it possible for the management to develop its area of responsibility to the extent necessary for organising the growth of the company.

Photo Klingspor Polish team

By means of an above average rate of return for our shareholders, we want to ensure the independence of our company, as well as its continuous further development.

Laws and regulations are strictly complied with at all Klingspor sites.

The companies in the Klingspor group are an integral component of the international group of companies. What counts is the joint result.

The Klingspor corporate principles apply to all companies in the Klingspor group worldwide.



Training, service and sales

A partner at your side

Training courses

Our training centres are there to provide customers, users and employees alike with theoretical knowledge that comes from the source and the practical skills they need to use abrasives
in the most efficient way. Our experienced technicians can furnish you with concrete solutions to your problems as well as argumentation aids for sales negotiations. Our hands-on training courses deal with a wide variety of materials and are taught using both stationary and hand-operated machinery.




We are constantly available to our partners - whether by phone, email or on site. Our staff members know our products inside and out and will always find the solution that suits your specific application requirements best.




Boasting 36 production and sales locations around the globe, we are uniquely equipped to tend to the requirements of all regional markets and customers in a highly versatile manner.



Always close to you wherever you are on the planet.

The Americas

  • Stoney Creek, Canada
  • Hickory (NC), USA
  • Tijunana, Mexico
  • Lima, Peru
  • Curitiba, Brazil
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Johannesburg, South Africa


  • Kolding, Denmark
  • Worksop, Great Britain
  • Sittard, The Netherlands
  • Leuven, Belgium
  • Haiger, Germany
    (production location)
  • Lviv, Ukraine
    (production location)
  • Bielsko-Biała, Poland
    (production location)
  • Brno, Czech Republic
  • Droué sur Drouette,
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Basel, Switzerland
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Brescia, Italy
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Madrid, Spain


  • Qingdao, People's Republic
    of China
    (production location)
  • Shanghai, People's Republic
    of China
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Pune, India
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Singapore, Republic of Singapore


  • Sydney, Australia

Our production locations

Our production facilities set themselves apart with their highly advanced machinery and their exceptionally well-trained personnel. We can guarantee the exquisite quality of our tools because we closely control every single step of production: from the procurement of the raw materials to manufacturing to delivery to the customer.

Logo Haiger, Germany

DQS ISO 9001 Qualitymanagement  DQS ISO 14001 Environmental Management  DQS ISO 5001 Energy Management  Logo AEO Zertifizierung

The Klingspor corporation was founded as a glue factory in Siegen in 1893 by Johann Friedrich Klingspor. In 1899, the company began with the production of abrasives. This initial venture was followed by the market introduction of countless innovations such as the waterproof abrasive paper or the abrasive mop. In 1955, the company moved production to the Hesse town of Haiger, approx. 30 km away from Siegen. This location also serves as the company's headquarters. Today, the location employees a staff of nearly 600 and operates with a factory space of 82,000 sqm.

Haiger Produktion


Logo Bielsko-Biała and Kozy, Poland

DQS ISO 9001 Quality Management

1995 witnessed the founding of Klingspor's first international production facility Klingspor Spolka z.o.o. in the small town of Kozy. Production commenced two years later. In 2005, this facility was joined 10 km further away by an additional production location in Bielsko-Biała. This location still houses the company's administration. Almost 900 employees work at these two plants combined. The Kozy location was able to celebrate an exceptional milestone in 2016: the production of the one-millionth cutting-off wheel.

BielskoBielsko-BiałaKozy Kozy


Logo Qingdao, China
CQC Certificate

The Klingspor production location the Chinese port city of Qingdao opened its doors in 2005. Two years after breaking ground, the new plant started production and the initial export of the products. Occupying 24,000 sqm of factory space, the plant employees a staff of approx. 150.



Logo Velyki Mosty, Ukraine

DQS ISO 9001 Quality Management

In 2008, Klingspor established a production location in the Ukrainian municipality of Velyki Mosty that boasts a production area of 3,000 sqm. The plant has blossomed into a location with a current staff of approx. 200 employees and has been utilising a cutting-edge pool of machinery since 2015 to produce Klingspor diamond tools of premium quality.




Klingspor in Numbers

As a company operating world-wide we are represented on all five continents. Here are a few figures that illustrate our position as one of the five leading manufacturers of abrasives in the world.

More than
products included in the portfolio.
Employees world-wide are hard at work everyday to keep our customers satisfied.
Square metres
Coated abrasives
We rank among the world's five leading manufacturers of abrasives.
was founded as a family-owned business.