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Precision treatment of surfaces with flexible abrasives

Flexible abrasives are used both for private applications and in the commercial sector, as they are sure to lend the perfect look to products that have been crafted in trade and industry from the most diverse materials ranging from glass and leather to wood and metal. They also demonstrate their usefulness in the household, where they can be used to restore a stainless steel sink covered in limescale to its original shine or to refurbish a beloved pair of suede shoes.

Flexible abrasives – for hand sanding and use on machinery

The soft and adaptable, yet also shape-retaining abrasives, are an excellent choice for finishing workpieces that possess irregular shapes. Other possible applications include light cleaning work. Klingspor manufactures these abrasives in versions that are suitable for both hand sanding and use on machinery. Mounted points, for instance, can be used on such handheld machinery as the drilling machine and the die grinder, while the lifting beam with mottling points is a prime example of flexible abrasives mounted on stationary machinery. Klingspor’s product range furthermore includes the R-Flex wheel for the floor standing grinder and the classic hand block.

Using Klingspor abrasives for processing wood, metal and other materials

Thanks to the large variety of available versions, flexible abrasives are used for work on a great many materials. The user can use them to create a perfectly refined surface on workpieces made of wood, plastic and metal including stainless steel, aluminium, steel, and non-ferrous metals. Some Klingspor products are also suitable for refining such mineral-based materials as glass and stone or even leather, while others are ideal for sanding workpieces that have been treated with paint or varnish. This versatility makes the flexible abrasives by Klingspor appealing to craftsmen across many industries and popular tools in small workshops and large industrial corporations alike.

Refurbishing leather with the flexible hand block

Leather treated with flexible abrasives will gain a uniform appearance. The top side can then be sanded down to smooth leather or turned into a nubuck leather with a slight nap. The sanding of the reverse side will create a full-grain or a velour leather. An example of a product used for the finishing of leather is the hand block SFK 655. It is also an excellent choice for restoring suede shoes, leather clothing and other products made of leather. This makes the hand blocks SFK 655 from Klingspor an attractive option for private individuals as well.

The bonding types used for flexible abrasives – hard, medium and soft

Klingspor offers their flexible abrasives with the bonding types hard, medium and soft . The available products include Klingspor’s RFS 651, an R-Flex mounted point that gives a finish to metal that ranges from matt to glossy. Suitable for dry and wet sanding thanks to its properties that offer resistance to water and most cooling lubricants, the point can be fitted on

  • a drilling machine
  • a die grinder
  • a flexible shaft

To deliver optimum performance in each of their various fields of application, the flexible abrasives are available with coarse, medium and fine grits.

The abrasive grain and the binding - both made synthetically at Klingspor

The flexible abrasives by Klingspor are largely made with silicon carbide, which is hard yet not particularly tough. Its fragility leads to micro-wear. This constantly results in the creation of a new sharp-edged structure and therefore guarantees exceptionally high aggressiveness. For the bonding of all of their flexible products, Klingspor uses synthetic resin. Just as all of their grains, Klingspor’s bondings are made synthetically, which ensures that the properties of the bonding and the grain will never change.

Convenient storage solutions – the Klingspor sets

Klingspor’s abrasives can usually be ordered individually, in fixed container sizes or in the desired quantities. However, Klingspor also carries convenient sets such as the SFK 655 set with hand blocks that come in different grit sizes. These can be used to process metal, wood, plastic and many other materials. Klingspor sets are an appealing option for many users, not least for ardent do-it-yourselfers, who frequently use them in various areas ranging from auto repair to furniture making.